A New Collective Space

A space to grow, cook and share

We are hard at work on the development of a new food centre facility for Inukjuammiut. The proposed new facility will dramatically increase our building capacity, allowing more Inukjuammiut to participate in all that Sirivik does. The centre will have ample space for cooking and country food preparation. It will be linked to the current hydroponic greenhouse, and will also include a new year round soil based greenhouse for community members to grow their own food.

A space to gather

Our new facility will meet the need for a permanent community space for Inukjuamiut to come together over good food. The open concept kitchen and dining room will comfortably host 50 people.

Why this project matters

Sirivik’s current facility limits our program capacity

At current, our space is too limited to host all the individuals that access our program. As a result our meal services are predominately take out and our kitchen cooking activities are limited in numbers and are always a squeeze.

Our little building won't last forever

Our current building is over 50 years old, it's a 15 x 60 foot trailer that is in need of over $1 million in repairs.

84% of Hudson Bay Nunavimmiut are food insecure

In a region already plagued with high rates of food insecurity, Hudson Bay residents feel this pressure most severely. Continued action to address this critical issue is essential.

A partnership in food and community with Pirursiivik

The Pirursiivik greenhouse and social arts project was created to improve the community’s health and wellness. From 2017 to 2022 the project worked on an array of programs strengthening food security in Inukjuak and local food production across Nunavik.

The project was a collaboration of the One Drop Foundation and Makivik Corporation.

The development of this facility is the continuation of the hard work done by the Pirursiivik project team to establish a local growing facility in Inukjuak.

Funding Campaign & Project Timeline

The current estimate for the building is $7 million.

Our goal is to break ground in the summer of 2023, opening the doors to the new facility in the spring of 2024.

We are well on our way to acquiring the funds, however, we are not there just yet. If you are interested in supporting the project, or you would like to learn more do not hesitate to reach out to our team.