Growing Initiatives

As a fly-in arctic community accessing fresh herbs and vegetables can be difficult due to  harsh weather conditions and limited infrastructure. To increase access to fresh and affordable herbs and produce we grow them indoors in our facility.

We work in close collaboration with the Pirursiivik Greenhouse and Social Arts Project, who help us with our growing related initiatives from sprouting to composting.

We are the proud owners of a nutritower - a hydroponic system which grows leafy herbs and vegetables without the use of soil. Our window garden and outdoor cold frame provide us the space to experiment with the growth of tomatoes, garlic, bok choy and more!

We use the fresh herbs and vegetables in recipes, programming and they are regularly harvested and taken home by community members.

"Fresh tomatoes from the plant are so much tastier than tomatoes from the store! They are so good!"

Inukjuak Community Member in a taste test of Sirivik grown tomatoes vs. store bought tomatoes.

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