Ulluriat is Sirivik’s youth country food program working to increase youth involvement in the traditional Inuit food system. On the land outings and workshops with knowledge holders provide youth the opportunity to gain new skills, confidence and increased access to country food.

Being on the land directly benefits mental health while strengthening cultural identity and fostering a sense of belonging. We understand that for some there can be increased barriers to accessing the land, our goal is to limit these barriers and provide opportunities for community members to participate in the harvesting of country food!

We work closely with the pre work training program at Innalik School, however all Inukjuak youth aged 13 - 20 are invited to join the program. Our outings are led by experienced local hunters while our workshops recruit elders and community members skilled in country food preparation. If you are interested in following us on the land, guiding a workshop, or supporting the program don’t hesitate to reach out.

In 2021 we headed out to hunt ptarmigan and seal, we went ice fishing for lake trout and we hosted a workshop on wolf skinning, just to name a few!

"Sirivik bringing students hunting for the very first time will always be a fond memory to me."

Ulluriat Program Participant

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